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Mobile power measurement with maximum precision

The Insoric Module

The module is quickly and easily fixed to the wheel hub and delivers highly precise results under real conditions.

Why Insoric?


The module is small (42mm) and light (27gramm)

Quick assembly

Easy assembly within one minute

No screw connection

No bolting to the wheel necessary

No overhang

No protrusion over the car body

No vibrations

No unbalance on the wheel and therefore no vibrations

High quality materials

for reliability and long-lasting use

The Insoric RealPower Software

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About Insoric Sales

Our philosophy
Happy customers and positive daily feedback indicate our good practice and procedure.
Our success
We offer first class support so you can work successfully with the innovative and highly precise technology.
Our focus are our customers
The usability of the realpower and realspeed software is outstanding.

Quality management

Insoric meets the highest quality standards

Our RealPower systems premium und professional now also available with leasing
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The usability of the realpower and realspeed software is outstanding.  To deliver a quality evaluation, as with any sophisticated measuring technique, multiple parameters must be integrated to reach the end result. This requires patience as well as competence.

Our Support

We want to make sure that you understand the Insoric software in order to enable you to use it properly and in high quality. Therefore, we will guide you from the beginning. Our support will show you how to use this product precisely and efficiently. As a consequence, you will profit from our vast experience. If you have any questions regarding the usage of realpower or realspeed, you can be sure we will know the answer!

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