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Power measurement


Our Reference: Worldwide 1.000 Insoric RealPower users. Including six german premium automotive manufacturers

This question is often asked: “Is RealPower as accurate as a dyno?” This is easy to answer with the question: “How exact is the dyno to be compared with the RealPower … and how good is the operator of the dyno?” How good is a dyno if the operator can’t operate it properly? 

We prefer to measure the engine power on the street under real circumstances

Numerous cars have been measured with the Insoric Real Power system. The results are always very accurate. We trust the results from this type of power measuring.

Insoric RealPower is the perfect tool for a before and after measuring of modified cars. The same for the customer who wants to know what power output his car has after tuning, or to check the manufacturer information on street.

The power measuring with Insoric Real Power calculates the power from the vehicles wheels. It records during a small test drive, many data about wheel power, engine power, the speed and the max torque. Via USB connector the data is easy to readout.

Insoric RealPower is developed in cooperation between the Insoric AG and the technical university of Switzerland in Rapperswil. We are not talking about some fantasy tool box which generates some dream numbers, this is scientifically sound. In a further video we show more about the Real Power physics.

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Why is Insoric essential for measuring the car power before and after tuning?

Full transparency for the customers

Frequently, customers come to us to measure their car power. Many of them did some chiptuning or even engine modifications. Sometimes they are disappointed when receiving the results.

Therefore each tuner should do a power measuring before and after the tuning or modification to ensure full transparency for his customers. 

How will software tuner know when he is at the optimum sector?

The customer often wants the highest boost pressure and so the request for even more pressure often comes up. “Please a bit more boost!” Often the discussion is only about the boost pressure and with those numbers, the real power will be calculated.

The customer often only looks at the boost, and think they have big power. This is often not the case. With Insoric RealPower the tuners can show that not always more boost means more power.

Now two examples how materials can suffer needless stress and that higher boost has also no benefits for the power.

Example 1

Audi RS4 with 2.7l and a big tuning step on hardware. Boost pressure was mapped from overboost 2.7 to down 2.0! That setup gives out 679hp and 838nm torque. After the first view on the Logfiles a tuner who use RealPower changed the software map to lower boost pressures with only 2.3 down to 1.8. He optimized the fuel and the ignition. Result after that: 698HP and 853Nm! The engine now runs really great and much powerful than the first step and at least it runs more economical and durable.

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