Insoric SET | RealPower + wheel caliper + 4x Proform wheel load scale incl. case


Includes 19% MwSt
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  • 1 x Real Power Dyno System
  • wheel caliper
  • 4x Proform wheel load scale incl. case

Product Details

Insoric RealPower Dyno-System

  • RealPower measuring module
  • Software RealPower
  • electronic documentation
  • 10 attachment systems
  • protective cap
  • USB-cable
  • USB-stick (licence key)
  • Quick Step Guide
  • quality certificate/security instructions
  • case

Wheel caliper

For determining the wheel diameter

Proform wheel load scale PFM67644 – 3200kg Wireless

PROFORM – Aluminum Plate Scale
The truck scale with 3200kg total capacity has advanced wireless connectivity.
To complete this premium offering from PROFORM there are the following standard LCD display features:

  • Backlight
  • weight / percent, side / side, front / rear
  • Cross weight calculations
  • Lbs / Kgs units
  • Battery life and wireless signal indicators
  • PC compatible program to record measurements for multiple vehicles over time.

Scale plates are 380mm x380mm x 33mm, making them thin enough to drive directly on without ramps.
Finally, a wheeled case with telescoping handle and full interior padding is included.
Individual scale pads have a capacity of 800kg for a total capacity of over 3200kg.
Accuracy is 1/2 of 1%
AA batteries and USB cable are included.