Insoric SET | RealPower Professional + 4x BFX10 scale


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  • 1x Real Power Dyno System “Professionell”
  • 4 x load scale BFX-10
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Real Power

Insoric RealPower Profesionell

Mobile test bench for Power and Acceleration of motor vehicles

Execution “Professionell”: unlimited measurements

Insoric RealPower Profesionell includes:

  • RealPower “Dyno-System” module with carrying case.
  • RealPower software for Performance Measurements.
  • Real Speed software for Acceleration Measurements.
  • Dokumentation / Manual to CD
  • Barometer/ Thermometer.
  • Wheel caliper.
  • 50 Double Sided Sensor Tape to mount the sensor to the wheel.
  • Sensor Protective cap.
  • USB cable.
  • USB Stick (license key).
  • Quick Step User Guide.
  • Data Checklist
  • Ball-point pen
  • Quality Certificate / Safety Instructions


Extemely slim mobile wheel load scale

BFX-10-LCD-F mobile wheel load scale 0-2000kg

  • Intelligent mobile wheel load scales
  • Mobile vehicle scale for measurement of wheel and axle loads
  • They combine high-level performance and easy handling.
  • extremely slim construction and ultra light weight
  • the scales are very easy to transport and extremely flexible to use
  • They are designed for stationary or mobile applications in various areas.
  • The measuring result is calibrated and will be displayed as physical value like kg or lb.
  • In the integrated microcontroller all calibration and compensation data are stored securely against power failure.
  • The microcontroller’s sequence control can be adapted to the customer’s requirements at any time.
  • Can be used at any time without mounting of connections
  • The wheel load can be instantly read off from the integrated 8-digit LCD Display on the respective scale
  • The data can be transferred to an Excel interface via radio (accessory required) and can be saved and / or printed.
  • The Excel form can be freely configured. Customization possible.
  • The measurement data can be easily transferred to the printer or uploaded to all windows-based PC Systems via PC software.

Application: measurement of wheel and axle loads

Measurement range: 0 bis 2000 kg

Calibration point: 500 kg

Weight: ca. 8 kg

Height: 20 mm

Accuracy: < 0,2 % of the final value, with 500 kg per wheel/scale this means an accuracy of +/-1kg

Materials: Corrosion-resistant aluminium-alloys and stainless steel