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Do you have a question about the application or a specific error message?

Here you will find our answers to frequently asked questions as well as instructions for download.

Simple application

The following data can be recorded with Insoric RealPower:

  • Wheel power (kW, hp)
  • Engine power (kW, hp)
  • Speed (km/h, mph etc.)
  • Maximum torque (Nm)

The following data can be recorded with Insoric RealSpeed:

  • Acceleration 0 – 100, 0 – 200, 0 – 300 km/h or mph (in 1/100 seconds)
  • Acceleration Quarter Mile (in 1/100 seconds)
  • Acceleration variable range

Performance measurement with Insoric RealPower takes place via the vehicle wheel. Just as the acceleration measurement with Insoric RealSpeed.


During a short measurement run, the measurement module records the data that is required for the evaluation.


The data can be evaluated on the PC quickly and at any time via the USB interface.

Comparison to a normal roll test stand

Until now experts and mostly use stationary dynometers. But our frequent comparisons between an ordinary roll test stand and the Insoric mobile module revealed the following results regarding precision and reproducibility: 

The Insoric RealPower measuring system is at least equal, in many tests even better than the big named brands of roll tests stands.

We have performed numerous tuning activities on our own cars and customers’ cars and we often used a normal roll test stand, which often worked. But it’s a big effort and a lot of time is spent to secure dates, travel distance and then there are always these worries:

  • Hopefully the car isn’t to low
  • Hopefully we don’t have wheels spin
  • Hopefully nothing goes wrong with the lie off
  • Hopefully the air flow is enough for a good result

Not always the circumstances were perfect and so we spent a few days without result.

How does a rolling test stand work?
The measuring begins between 1.500-2.000rpm. Now the engine will pull off with full throttle to the limiter. The real speed is depending on each car between 180 and 300km/h. Here it is clearly recognizable that the wind flow and air intake must be simulated and that’s the biggest problem.

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