Simple application

The following data can be recorded with Insoric RealPower:

  • Wheel power (kW, hp)
  • Engine power (kW, hp)
  • Speed (km/h, mph etc.)
  • Maximum torque (Nm)

The following data can be recorded with Insoric RealSpeed:

  • Acceleration 0 – 100, 0 – 200, 0 – 300 km/h or mph (in 1/100 seconds)
  • Acceleration Quarter Mile (in 1/100 seconds)
  • Acceleration variable range

Software Screen Movie - English


    Performance measurement with Insoric RealPower takes place via the vehicle wheel. Just as the acceleration measurement with Insoric RealSpeed.


    During a short measurement run, the measurement module records the data that is required for the evaluation.


    The data can be evaluated on the PC quickly and at any time via the USB interface.

Comparison to a normal rolling road

Stationary dyno meters are shown in publicity and betweens experts as the one to use. But our countless times measuring have shown, with regard to precision and reproducibility following:

The Insoric RealPower measuring system versus the big named brands of rolling roads, on a level,and superior.

We have performed numerous tuning activity’s on our own cars and customer cars and we often used a normal rolling road, which often works. But it’s a big effort and a lot of time spent to secure dates, travel distance and be left with many further questions:

  • Hopefully the car isn’t to low
  • Hopefully we don’t have wheels spin
  • Hopefully nothing goes wrong with the lie off
  • Hopefully the air flow is enough for a good result

It doesn’t always work perfectly and go to plan and we spend a day for nothing.

How does a rolling road work?
The measuring begins between 1.500-2.000rpm. Now the engine will pull off with full throttle to the limiter. The real speed is depending on each car between 180 and 300km/h. Here it is clearly recognizable that the wind flow and air intake must be simulated and that’s the biggest problem.

FAQ, troubleshooting and helpdesk

Do you have any questions about Insoric RealPower or Insoric RealSpeed? Then we would recommend our Support section with the FAQ, Fault correction and Help Desk registers.

The section FAQ technology is password protected. Please send us an Email, to receive the password.

Where can I buy Insoric RealPower and Insoric RealSpeed?

Our sales team is happy to help you, please visit our Contract section for their contact information. You may also order directly from our Webshop or contact us via email at ( or send us a fax at +49 9451 8019998.

Which payment options are accepted?

We accept advance payment, wire transfer, PayPal or cash at pickup.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing.

How much is shipping and is the product insured during shipping?

Shipping cost is calculated during checkout in our Webshop. We ship with DHL National/International. Upon receipt, please inspect the package and in case of damage request a confirmation from DHL.

How does the order process work?

Upon receipt of of your order (via Webshop, mail or fax) you will receive an order confirmation via email from us within a day. Terms and conditions, disclaimer, cancellation policy will be included.

How quickly will the product be shipped after payment has been received?

If payment is received prior to noon your order will usually ship the same day, in some cases the following business day. Basically you’ll receive your order as quickly as possible. DHL usually delivers within 1 to 2 business days within Germany. Delivery within Europe usually takes 2 to 5 business days from our experience.

Ați primit sistemul RealPower; ce urmeaza?

În primul rând, vă rugăm să citiți manualul de instructiuni. Încărcați modulul complet până când indicatorul luminos de culoare roșie se stinge. Dacă indicatorul luminos nu se aprinde, modulul este încărcat complet. Vă rugăm să folosiți numai cablul USB livrat împreună cu modulul și întotdeauna introduceți-l complet. De asemenea, vă recomandăm să citiți întrebările frecvente-Tehnologie în secțiunea Servicii pentru care veti primi o parolă la primirea plății. Apoi, vă rugăm să instalați și să testați software-ul RealSpeed. La cerere, oferim cursuri de formare de la 30 până la 60 de minute prin intermediul telefonului sau Teamviewer. Este de asemenea dovedit util pentru clienți sa trimiteti primele măsurători astfel încât să putem verifica rezultatele și acolo unde este cazul va putem oferi sfaturi pentru optimizare.

My measurements seem implausible, what should I do?

Make use of our customer support. Please send your measurements to for analysis.

How valuable is the Insoric RealPower customer support?

Our free customer support is very valuable. Most customers have a questions here and there about the product. Our customer service team is here for you when it come to your results.

Do you offer a free-of-cost trial period for your products?

We do not offer this service.

Do you offer RealPower Systems on a loaner basis?

If, for example you’re already a RealPower user and are planing an event for which you need additional measuring systems we’ll be happy to offer the following service to you. We would require a deposit in the amount of the complete purchase price for the system. Once we receive the measuring unit(s) back in excellent condition we will return the deposit to you minus a previously agreed upon rental fee. We also offer this service accompanied by a trained expert, and would be happy to create a proposal for you.

I’m planning a special event for my business (i.e. car dealership) and would like to offer my customers something new; can I book Insoric Sales?

RealPower is a mobile and flexible service provider. We would be happy to offer you a proposal for custom events.

Is there a way for me to experience RealPower live before purchasing the product?

You’re welcome to visit us in the towns of Schierling (ZIP Code 84069) or Dörentrup-Bega (ZIP Code 32694) Germany or in Graz, Austria to experience our product live without obligation to purchase. For a service fee we can also come to your house for a presentation.

How much is one performance measurement?

Each Insoric user can set the price for this service themselves. We charge 99,-€ incl. sales tax for one measurement. The price for two measurements (i.e. before and after chip tuning) is 149,-€ plus sales tax.

Which operating systems support the RealPower/RealSpeed software?

Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

Can RealPower be used on Apple computers/Mac?

We currently don’t offer RealPower for Apple/Mac, as there is not enough demand.

May I use images and texts from the website for my personal marketing/advertising?

The contents of this website are protected under the copy right law and are the property of Insoric AG. Contents (this includes tex and images) from the website may only be saved, used and duplicated after written consent from Insoric AG.

What experience does Insoric have with inexpensive weather stations, barometers and thermometers?

We don’t have any experience, but our customers do. Customer feedback suggests that you should spend the money on a quality product. For 25,-€ you wont’ receive a precision measuring instrument, even if it is advertised as such. Quality has it’s price – like in most cases you get what you pay for.

On the Internet, another air pressure is communicated as indicated by my barometer.

You can be sure that this is a high precision instrument. Absolute pressure indicates how high the air pressure on barometer height is. This means the pressure displayed at the place where it is measured. To make a comparison with other weather stations, you have to agree on a uniform height.

Each weather station is actually at a different height. In this case the relative air pressure is calculated. It results from the absolute air pressure and is offset to the sea level (MSL).

The Insoric meter measures the absolute air pressure on site, the information on the Internet is the air pressure converted to sea level = 0 (MSL).

Expressed simplistically, it can be roughly assumed that the air pressure near sea level decreases one hectopascal (corresponding to 1 ‰ of the average air pressure) per eight meters’ height increase.

Example: Regensburg is located at about 343 m above sea level. According to Insoric Barometer the air pressure is about 970 hPa. On the Internet you can find values around 1,015 hPa.

Please keep in mind, this value is normalized to NN!

The section FAQ technology is password protected. Please send us an Email, to receive the password.

Were you unable to find the answer in either the FAQ and Troubleshooting category? Send us a message.

In order to ensure that you are always working with the latest software, we would recommend that you should regularly call-up our Online Updater as follows:

In order to exclude errors in the measurements and risks in the application, we would expressly recommend that you should carefully read through the operating instructions:

The Data Checklist makes manual data entry into the RealPower-Software easier:

You will find further downloads here:

This test certificate proves, that our RealPower module cannot come off the wheel during the execution of the road test, even with high speed and minimal attachment area.

METAS – the Swiss national metrology institute – realises and disseminates internationally harmonised and recognised units of measurement with the necessary accuracy. It supervises the deployment of measuring instruments in the fields of commerce, traffic, public safety, health and environment.

METAS seriously evaluated our RealPower module. We are proud to announce, that the accuracy of the tested module can be internationally used as a reference unit and therefore corresponds to the guidelines of the International System of Units (SI-Units). In short terms: The RealPower module is unbeatably accurate!

You bought your RealPower from us? You can get the following services from us:

  • Software training via teamviewer or by telephone call
  • Hotline Support (Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm)
  • We can check your measuring files and give you feedback

So you will work very efficiently and fast.

Training for you and your staff
If you’re not sure that you work on correct mode with Insoric, and you aren’t sure that you understand all right about it? You get results you can’t reproduce?
For that we offer you a special user training for 89,-€.

Hotline contract
During our office hours (Monday-Friday 9am – 18pm) we be available for questions around the Real Power Systems. A contract by the year comes for 199,-€.

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