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Our Support-Service​

Support in German & English available from day one!

We accompany our customers directly from the start, so that they deliver quality. Our support brings you very quickly precision and efficiency in the application. You thus benefit from our experience as a system user.

If you have any questions about the RealPower or RealSpeed, you can be sure that we know the answer and will be happy to assist you.

You have purchased a used Insoric system?

We support Secound Hand Insoric users only after they have signed an Insoric Online/Hotline Support contract.

FAQ, troubleshooting and helpdesk

The reason is a faulty communication between your software and the Insoric server. The server needs a short feedback from your software every 3 months, so that it can work without errors.

Make sure that your internet connection is not affected by any firewall or antivirus program and use the Microsoft EDGE browser to install the latest Insoric software, which you can download here:

If the problem persists, please contact Insoric AG directly at

Cause: You tried to start RealPower speed, but you have purchased only a license for Real Power. Presumably you own a Premium or Basic System.

Depending on driver or laptop in rare occasions there might occur an error. Please follow these steps:

  1. Leave the module plugged into the PC/laptop
  2. Activate the RECORD-Mode (the orange and green LEDS light up alternately).
  3. Read out the module again following the operating instructions.
  4. Save the data on your computer.
  5. Now you can edit the file.
  6. You can delete the data from the module.

Windows doesn’t recognize the module. This is a Windows issue and is not related to the licence key or Insoric software.

Please uninstall the USB driver and reinstall it.

If this doesn’t work please update the driver with this link:

Use the „Sentinel HASP/LDK – Windows GUI Run-time Installer“. 

Please put in the USB Stick before you start RealPower.

Your data memory (capacity of 80 minutes) is full. Delete the module data in the RealPower software by applying the icon “delete module data”.

At a certain voltage limit the module will not turn on to protect the battery from deep discharge. Please completely recharge the battery module using the supplied USB cable.

When starting the transmission of data from the module to the PC, the USB port has been disturbed by an unwanted access. Since the Insoric data is encrypted and communication line was not built correctly, it causes this representation. After repeated reading, possibly on Status “Record” on the module, it should work unless the USB port is constantly disturbed by a parallel software.

You have not found the answer here or in the manual?

Then please write us an e-mail or give us a call. We will help you quickly.

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